Friction material for brakes, clutches and transmissions


Friction Materials: We produce friction materials that provide excellent friction properties, high temperature resistance and optimum wear for each type of application. Thanks to the experience and with the help of high technology we have developed a manufacturing process that allows us to offer a high quality product.

Grooves type: In SAUVER we have developed a grooving system that allows an excellent and constant lubrication of all set of the disks to obtain a better performance.

Bonding process: In the gluing process, we use synthetic resins which guarantee unchanged unions for working temperatures up to 450° C achieving impeccable finishes.

Steel plates: The steel plates are cold rolled steel, hardened and tempered to withstand high mechanical loads, high wear resistance and high temperatures. With these characteristics avoid deformations or breakages in the dentate and throughout the disc deformations due to high temperatures.