SAUVER offers solutions to manufacturers, companies of specialized spare parts and we attend to the urgent needs repairing or manufacturing custom friction discs. We also have sophisticated materials for racing clutches.


SAUVER offers solutions to manufacturers for a wide variety of sectors. Develops friction materials for Original Equipment (OEM) that provide high stability in the coefficient of friction, resistance to wear and high temperatures in order to ensure greater performance and safety. In addition, in collaboration with the client and attending to their specific needs, develops tailored materials.

Spare parts companies

SAUVER manufactures and supplies any friction disc and / or steel or other friction component as a spare part for any part of the world. We have more than 1200 cataloged references. We work with original serial numbers to quickly identify the components that spare parts companies request. We manufacture friction and steel discs with discontinued references.

Repair and manufacture of customized pieces

SAUVER has the necessary means to meet the urgent demands of repairing or manufacturing custom friction discs. We can manufacture any disc of friction and steel of discontinued references as well as any other component of friction that does not find in the market.


SAUVER has developed sophisticated friction materials for racing clutches using innovative materials that guarantee an extraordinary resistance to traction, excellent friction properties and resistance to high temperatures.